My collection

Panasonic PR4000, 1991

Restored to catalog looks

F.Moser Sprint, 1981

My L'Eroica 2021 bike!

Darnois CX, 1980s

Vintage cyclo-cross bike

Colnago Super, 1981

Full Galli groupset!

Motoconfort Le Champion, 1975

French to the bones.

Peugeot PR10, 1973

Guess who's born in 1973?

Diamant Model 167, 1959

Younger brother of the famous Model 67

Motobecane?, 1950-1960s

For now converted into single-speed

Heidemann Werke Einbeck, 1959

Posh city bicycle form 50s

Looking for new owner

Mercier Mixte, 1983

Elegant ladies bicycle

Found new home

Koga-Miyata FullPro-S, 1985

Fully original top-end racer

Moser Sprint, 1970-1980s

Beautiful and practical!

Motobecane Super Champion, 1973

Another orange beauty from 1973

Heidemann Werke Einbeck, 1970s

Supermarket road bicycle

Motobécane Grand Sprint, 1979

As good as new!

Carlton Corsair, 1981

Built in the old Worksop factory

Winora, early 1980s

With Shimano Golden Arrow groupset

Peugeot PL18, 1980

Modern take on the classic mixte frame

Peugeot PY10, early 1980s

Black is the color

Koga Miyata GentsRacer-S, 1985

Rebuilt to catalog specs

Saint Tropez Four Forty, 1970s

The beauty of the small frame

Raleigh Time Trial Special, 1981

Special build. Reynolds 531 SL